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مطلوب محاسب رواتب للعمل لدى شركة سياحية في سرايا العقبة .

We are looking for an exceptional candidate to join our new waterpark in Saraya Aqaba, Jordan as a Payroll/AP Accountant. This position prepares the daily revenue reports, carries out all spot audits on cashiers in the park, process all filing and documentation, reconciles cash and credit card receipts against system receipts, issues petty cash and payment against claim and ensures the efficient and smooth opening and closing of accounts receivable, extends assistance to operational and non-operational departments, verifies, reviews and monitors revenue and cash collection from cashiers, and assist with daily and monthly report requests. in this role you will be responsible the reconciliations of daily collections and banking of cash sales, manages teller change float and payment of petty cash expenses

Your job scope includes

Preparing cheque payments and ensuring they are timely signed by relevant signatories
Receiving and accurately updating all approved salary deduction forms into Oracle before the cutoff date
Acting as KRONOS Super resolving issues and ensuring times cards are finalized at cutoff dates
Responsible for the Finance Team Timesheets, i.e. Scheduling, Leave and absence management entries as per Approved Leave Forms
Responsible for the Management of Bank Cards i.e. Liaising with the Bank on New Requests, Replacement of Lost and Malfunctioning cards and updating into Oracle
Preparation of monthly reports of Active Bank Card users and reconciles against Bank charges
Maintenance of monthly time management reports from KRONOS, Leave and Public Holiday grants against Leave and Public Holidays Taken
Ensure the secure filing of all Timesheets, Pay slips, Final Settlement and Payment copies and retrieval at Audit periods
Liaising with Colleagues when issuing Cheques Cards, Pay slips
Checking Overtime forms for Colleagues working on Special events
Providing support to the Payroll Executive and Payroll Manager as required


As an ideal candidate, you must have:

· Educated to degree level or equivalent in accounting

Minimum 2 years’ experience in a HR or Accounting related field
Worked in theme parks, attractions, or entertainment venues
Worked in the UAE or GCC countries in a marketing environment
High attention to detail
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Ability to work under pressure
Maintains strictest confidentiality
Proficient working with Excel, Outlook, Oracle and KRONOS

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