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Job Details:
AVSI Foundation, an NGO created in 1972, carries out cooperation projects for development, with particular emphasis on education. In its work, its attention is focused on the defense and promotion of the dignity of the person, the cornerstone of every project. We work all around the world thanks to a network of 35 founding members and more than 700 partners worldwide.

AVSI Foundation has been operating in Jordan since 2006 and contributed in supporting the most vulnerable local communities, Palestinian, Iraqi and Syrian refugees through providing projects and activities that focus on education, vocational training, job placement, income-generating activities, and health and psycho-social assistance.

AVSI Foundation is starting the implementation of a project supporting Gweirah and Diseh municipalities (Aqaba Governorate) through the requalification of public infrastructure, the development of a Local Development Plan, the promotion of tourism and protection of cultural heritage. The project is funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS).

JOB TITLE Site Engineer
Years of Experience Minimum 3 Years of Experience
PROJECT “RADICE – Rafforzamento e tutela DI patrimoni Culturali E ambientali per uno sviluppo sostenibile nel sud della Giordania”
REGION Gweirah Municipality (Aqaba Governorate)
STARTING DATE 01.04.2020

TYPE OF CONTRACT Project-based contract
PERIOD 5 months (3 months’ probation period)
SCHEDULE Full time

MAIN OBJECTIVE The Site Engineer will be responsible of the implementation of the civil work to be achieved under project’s activities, with direct technical input, site organization and supervision of materials and human resources. He/she will also be responsible of the preparation of BoQ for the materials for construction and the estimated cost.
Main RESPONSABILITIES – Responsible for the implementation of works in Gweirah Commercial Street, library of Gweirah, Abbasyeh village, Humayma Archeological site, and Diseh women corporative extension and renovation works.

  • Manage the works on site, division of the working groups and supervise the team’s activities in relation to the project schedule.
  • Supervise contractors works and consultants’ trainings in the different locations in Gweirah and Diseh
  • Liaise with the project technical assistance to develop the technical details of the intervention following the community participation design workshops.
  • Assure that the technical details produced are matching the Jordanian standards of rehabilitation of public spaces.
  • Develop the work breakdown structure and support developing the work schedule with the project coordinator and the project manager.
  • Selection of durable and available construction materials and finishes that are environmentally-friendly and suitable for the region of Gweirah.
  • Preparation of detailed BoQs for the works according to the available budget and the priorities identified.
  • Preparation of procurement orders and the tender procedures for materials supply and contracting.
  • Support the preparation of the contracts with suppliers and contractors.
  • Approval of instalment payments to suppliers and the contractors
  • Responsible for the handover of materials and supplies and completed works on the different sites.
  • Follow up on the Cash workers timesheets with the team leaders and Data entry officer.
  • Final quality and quantity control and preparation of handover report to the Donor.
  • Participation and co-facilitation of community events and trainings including attendance.
  • Ensuring a good communication between the beneficiaries, AVSI team and the partners.
  • Perform any other duties as requested by immediate Supervisor
    REPORTING TO Project Coordinator

STUDIES REQUIREMENTS – Degree in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban development or any other related field of specialty.
EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS – Strong Experience in upgrading public spaces.

  • Strong Knowledge in construction materials suitable for the context and the nature of the implementation.
  • Knowledge in site organization and operations.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in Arabic and English languages.
  • Good knowledge of the local context of the south of Jordan.
  • Strong teamwork skills.
  • Strong reporting skills
  • Strong Knowledge in Auto-Cad and other drafting tools.
    OTHER REQUIREMENTS – Knowledge in project management tools.
  • Knowledge in Cash for work project and Humanitarian interventions.
  • Knowledge in participatory design approach process.

To apply:

Send your CV to : amman@avsi.org

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